It's finally done.
There were a lot of tears shed, and many all-nighters.
Plenty of miles traveled (cross-country and overseas), pranks pulled, friendships made.
And yes there was some of that stretching, pulling, and growing;
dreams were realized and identities formed.
It's just another year of Masters.

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[on knowing God]
Mark Fredrickson
Hutchinson, MN
18 yrs old
Knowing God this year has really been about knowing others. In Genesis 1, God created man in His own image; this past year He has shown me that He has put a little bit of who He is in other people. And in loving others, I'm loving Him as well.

[on knowing self]
Annette Briones
Carlsbad, NM
21 yrs old
Throughout most of my life I have constantly struggled with a low self-esteem. I never felt pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, creative enough, or tall enough (come on I'm 4'11). It just seemed like I never fit the measure of what others wanted or expected me to be. Being in Master's has helped me to step out of my shell that I had formed and embrace who God has made me to be. For so long, I had compared myself to others and I always wished I was someone else; anyone but me. I now know that God uniquely made the way that I am and that I had been fearfully and wonderfully made for a divine purpose. Master's has also given me the opportunity to find and to cultivate the gifts and talents God has given me to use for his glory. For me, a big part of this year has been about getting rid of the negative self-image and taking steps to see the true reflection of Christ in life.

[on knowing others]
Sarah Pugh
18 yrs old
Glassport, PA
I learned that all people are different and they aren't like me. So I've learned to properly deal with people and their differences. Masters is all about being a servant and its very humbling when you have to do things you don't want to do. You learn to love people and have good relationships with girls and boys. Master's rocks!

[on goals]
Heather Meadors
19 yrs old
Memphis, TN
One of my top five goals this year was to live a transparent life. It's not easy to be vulnerable because the fear of being hurt and being seen as weak. Yet as Christians it is essential to be vulnerable with one another because it is in your weaknesses that Christ power is made perfect. I learned and understood that it's okay to not have everything together or to be perfect. The things that I went through, if I was willing to be vulnerable with others, brought healing not only to myself but to them as well. In doing so, I've learned that it's the only way for others to relate to you and have a correct perception of God.

[on dreaming]
JoAnn Bridges
29 yrs old
Clarkston, WA
Having spent 3 years in Masters, not only have I been able to find out who I am in Christ and discover His plan for me, but I have also discovered the art of dreaming. But when you talk about dreaming, it always seem so far off and so complicated. It's really not. People talk about God's call and plan and they go after it, because they feel they have to. Yet when you talk about God's dream, people freeze up and they make so many excuses of why they can't. This past year in MC I talked so much about going to Ireland and being used to bring healing and restoration to the nation, although I talked so much about it I began to see it as a "someday" or a tomorrow-- and my tomorrow always turned into another tomorrow- and my tomorrow never became a "today". Now as a family leader I have spent this whole year encouraging my first year and second year students to "find out who you are in Christ," and "go after your dream", and "never settle for second best." With me encouraging people to run after their dream, how can I sit back and live a life of the "what if's" and "should've's"? So I finally stopped trying to be the one with all the wisdom and all the right words to say, and I'm doing what I say. I will be going to Ireland this year. Next year for the month of March I will be assisting the Master's Commission of Ireland with their St. Patrick's Day outreach. I will also be talking with the director with the possibility of joining their staff.

[on this year]
Lisa Thane
Midland, Tx
It's amazing to see our Master's Commission grow just as the church is growing as well. We went from having one church with a congregation of 500 to two locations and watching it grow to 2,500 people. It's an honor to watch and see the process take place. I'm excited to see where the future takes us.