About Ron
Ron Bryce, M.D.
Ron moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1986 after graduating from medical school at Oral Roberts University. He completed residency at John Peter Smith Hospital in 1989 before studying Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta. Ron has been an Emergency Room doctor in several hospitals in Texas and Louisiana, including those in Lancaster, Waxahachie, Athens, Mesquite, and Ennis. He recently became the medical director for an Urgent Care Center in Waxahachie. Ron says, "We need an Urgent Care Center right here in Red Oak", and he's determined that we will get it sooner rather than later.

Ron and Lydia
Ron's favorite day came in 1991 when he wed Lydia Price of Shreveport. Since then, additions to the Bryce family include Daniel (14), Blair (12), Joseph (10), and Brooke (8).

Lydia is a loving wife and mother, but she also stays fully involved in Red Oak as a real estate agent. She now serves on the Parks and Recreation Board, and was on the bond committee last Fall. Many acquainted with her don't know this, but before marrying Ron she traveled in the U.S. and internationally as a Christian singer.

Caring for People
Eldon and Donna Bryce
One of the things that first attracted Ron to Lydia was that they each came from missionary families. Lydia was with her family serving in Bangkok,
A Clinic in Haiti

Thailand when she was a child. Since the 1980's, Ron's parents have spent most of their time working as missionaries in Haiti. Ron continues the family tradition of Christian ministry wherever he can. He's ministered to people as a "missionary doctor" in the jungles of Haiti and Jamaica, as well as in under-served places closer to home. In 1996 Ron founded Boanerges, Inc, a non-profit Christian medical ministry for the homeless. Ron networked with local churches to provide medical care coupled with prayer and counseling. Ron founded Prepaid Medical Services in 2000. This service has provided medical care for hundreds of uninsured working people in the DFW area. Ron currently serves on the board of directors for Abundant Life Missions. This organization provides food, education, and medical care for poor children in Haiti. http://www.feedachildhaiti.org


Bryce Family Musicians 1976

God has a way of changing our plans. As a young man, Ron planned to be a musician and composer. He had grown up in a family that played gospel music together, traveled, and performed on radio and television.

Ron studied music, became an accomplished pianist, and enrolled in college for a degree in music. But later it became clear there was a calling on his life to go into medicine. He laid aside his aspirations for a career in music and began studying to become a doctor.


The word "doctor" means "teacher", and the term suits Dr. Ron Bryce well. Ron has experience:
- as a Sunday school teacher,
- as a high school biology teacher,
- as an assistant professor at Louisiana State University, and
- as a mentor of doctors, nurses and medical students.
Ron also coaches youth basketball in the ROYBA league.

Radio Show Host

Ron and Lydia at KKGM

Ron hosted the weekly Christian Medical Show on radio station KKGM last year. The show was a forum for current medical issues.

Ron has been active in the Pro-Life movement for many years. His article "The Killing of A Non-Person" has been widely distributed and quoted. Ron enjoys writing, and is currently working on a book titled "Secrets of the Body".



A New Candidate
Ron is excited about the campaign for Mayor of Red Oak. His experience as a member of the Red Oak Charter Review Committee, as a member of the Phil Gramm delegation to the 1996 Republican National Convention, and as a volunteer for the Bush 2004 campaign in Ellis County have helped prepare him for this race. How does it feel to be a first-time candidate? "It's a lot more fun than I ever imagined," he says. "I meet people every day that are charged up and ready to go with this campaign. My energy level goes up when I'm around them." Ron is positive about the future of Red Oak. He says, "We're now beginning a new phase of growth and development. But we need to make sure the 'heart' of Red Oak remains strong and true. Our heritage is much more important than just growth for the sake of growth. If we work together to ensure that growth and development benefit everyone, the future of Red Oak will remain bright." Why does Ron want to be Mayor of Red Oak? "I want to care for people and serve all the people of Red Oak", he says. "My life is dedicated to serving God by caring for people."

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